The World Of Cosmic Sword

Introducing our new comic book, Cayo, Cosmic Sword. Check out all of the new beautiful imagery created by Alexander Woywitka at

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Cayo Cosmic Sword Fourth Logo.jpg


The land with the Cosmic Sword in unlike our own. It is full of powerful magic and dragons, intergalactic space and aliens, unreal technology, amazing monsters, and beautiful vixens. Cayo the Adventurer currently holds the Cosmic Sword which burns like fire. She is a tough and courageous young woman, always looking for excitement. For Cayo, with no gold, the quest continues daily. Also equipped with her precious Rocket Boots, what trouble does Cayo get her self into?  How did she even get the Cosmic Sword in the first place and what sort of power does it hold? Join Cayo as she meets new wonderful friends and faces off against horrible foes looking for fortune and fame. Her ever exhilarating story unfolds as she channels the power of the Cosmic Sword.



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