Vancouver Miller Soundclash 2017 

Check out the West Canada 2017 Miller Soundclash, the premier annual EDM competition for DJs in Canada.



(Above) MC Prevail and DJ Slick Panther on stage at the Soundclash starting the show.

DJ’s who submit a mix to the world wide DJ community could be considered for the competition. The top 5 new DJ’s in Western Canada competed at Venue Nightclub on Granville in downtown Vancouver and got to play a show with MC Prevail and DJ Slick Panther. The competition was for representation of Western Canada on the global stage at the World Wide Miller 2017 Soundclash in Vegas.

The host on the Mic for the friday night club party was MC Prevail of the rap group Swollen Members. Vancouver headliner EDM DJ Slick Panther opened the show with a mix set highlighting the different genres of EDM music. The Disc Jockey’s who qualified to compete as the top current active new Western Canadian DJ’s were DJ C Stylez, DJ Goodspin, DJ Suav, DJ Safezone, and DJ Doublespeak.


The DJ’S played sets on Pioneer CDJ2000NXS turntables with a Pioneer DJM900NXS mixer. Congratulations to DJ C Stylez as the 2017 West Canada champion.

DJ C Stylez And DJ Slick Panther on stage Miller Soundclash


 ‘C Styles played a fun set. I knew he had the night. The judges did a great job choosing him to represent Canada. Our EDM scene is strong.’ -DJ Slick Panther


DJ Slick Panther, DJ C Stylez

mc prevail and dj slick panther.JPG

MC Prevail,  DJ Slick Panther,



DJ Ferocious and Dj C Stylez



DJ Slick Panther and the Miller girls.








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