Legacy of Diaclone Adventure World

The Diaclone Adventure World toy line is nearly 40 years old. This was possibly the most carefully designed toy line ever made. I see now Takara has been releasing a reboot series to remember Diaclone. I have seen some of the photos and I am going to save my money. I got suckered into the Beast Saga reboot of Battle Beasts and was lucky to be able to sell off my investment by the case lot.

Diaclone is kind of a secret in the collectors world, a realm you only learn about after you have put the time and effort in for the discovery to take place. I was interested in Diaclone only after I was gifted 3 car robots by an old Japanese man. At that point in my life I was pretty excited about vintage Transformers from Japan. My work research at that time was on new toys to bring in for the store and we had been selling the new release Transformers weekly. I was on the right road towards Diaclone City. Ultimately original Diaclone toys are too rare and valuable to sell at a retail level. Collectors save up for them and are not able to make very many purchases. They are more like museum pieces.

That’s probably the reason for the reboot, is to just give the world a reminder of the long legacy of the TAKARA brand, and now with Transformers more popular than ever.

Anyone interested in collecting toys could really save up for the original Great Robot Base. They would own the pinnacle of robot art. Most collectors don’t even get to that point. Usually they hoard the Diaclone Car Auto Robots, specifically the variants from the Transformers G1 series, and that keeps them so occupied that they never get to the earlier future space toys that were at war vs the alien Waruders.

Yeah, the Auto Robots really are in such a pleasing box format, how can you not keep building your stack. Price points are all over the place for the most rare. Thousands can easily be spent for a Car Auto Robot as they can be so rare the opportunity to purchase them is nearly non existant. Many are even more valuable than original Japanese Laser Beasts. Wow.

Robot collecting is a great investment for anyone living in the city. Vancouver is full of robot toy collectors. Each collector filling their bedroom closet with boxes of vintage takara robots in their original boxes. Living in the city, in a 1 or 2 bedroom, it is a fun investment hobbie that makes the collector happy, as there is limited space for clunky purchases like old vehicles, loud motorbikes, and sinking boats. Your saved auto insurance money turns into an investment instead.

My favorite of the original Diaclone toys is Fortress X. For me I believe it is the interface that is so pleasing. The genious of the mechanical mechanism which lifts the figures into the control room, along with the toys city base mode presents a stimulating experience.

When you have enough vintage Diaclone for a multi part set up, you are presented with a model scale of the most futurist city I have ever seen. Much like an architect will make a model of a building to present their idea to a panel meeting.

Even today, interacting with the toy pushes the imagination to come up with cutting edge images allowing for grand new ideas to be conceived. Funny how it is just a toy. As your Diaclone city comes together you are able to enter the world finding that you are partaking in an advanced society full of wonderous technology. I know you are only looking down upon the city, like a god might over a world they are building, however all of a sudden when you go to play a record on your Technics 1200 turntable, you notice the player suddenly has architectural attributes. You think, It’s not a turntable but a super colider.

In my every day tasks, I ask myself what do they do in the futuristic Diaclone world to make this work easier? I should do that.

I laugh now as I realize that it is Lego City that I have been comparing to Diaclone City in my mind. Lego City was futuristic once a long time ago with the original space sets…. Since then it has become muddled with everything else. I think it’s the pegs making Lego so unattractive, it really goes against a sleak design and therefore doesn’t promote futurist thinking very well. Comparatively every single Lego peg is bigger than a Diaclone figures head making Lego City very clunky. It’s as if Lego wants a viewer to ignore the lack of details, where you can’t help but appreciate the fine details within the scale of Diaclone.

Careful mixing your vintage Diaclone with the new reboot ones. The new sets remind me of designs from modern war video games. They are completely in a different style. They don’t look like the same quality. It would be all to easy to let them discourage a collector from the entire line once they are mixed with the original series. To me it is like throwing in a Lego set to the City display and trying to argue that it works.

Diaclone may be Earth in another 150 years. To me it a sad fate, even with their technological wonders it seems like they are a lost cold existence, for there are no animals and it shows in the designs. No Diaclone dogs or cats to go with the humanoid figures.

I add my Liokaiser GIFT SET from the Transformers Victory series, the one that comes with the 6 animal ‘breast force’ companion figures in the scale of Diaclone. Here is my favorite TAKARA release of all. It contrasts Diaclone City. That from even another world, advanced technology was achieved while becoming best friends with the wild life of its planet. Is Liokaiser really that evil, or is it that Diaclone world has a hard time facing the fact that they must have obliterated their animal kingdom in pursuit of their technology. At the same time, Liokaiser glorifies their animal friends. If you can get your hands on some of the SD Battle Beasts, they are great to ad to your Diaclone world as they help present a future society where we work together with the wild life. Well you could just add some of those little plastic farm animals I guess, but they would be off brand.

Once you really get into a collection you can get carried away so it is a good idea to stay focused. You can after all only spend your money once. Finally aquiring this Microman Punch Robo almost started a whole new line for me. Now I look at the Captain Harlock sets by TAKARA from the 1970s.


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