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DJ Slick Panther

20170616_21544820170616_215751Art of the Mixtape DJ SLICK PANTHER (instant mix session) May 8 2017

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Gotham Collectibles offers D.J. music services for all Party’s, Weddings, Festivals and Nightclubs. We have a wide network of resources available gathered from 17 years of real DJ experience to help ensure that the music for your show is crowd pleasing.

-Large D.J. roster available.

-Professional DJ equipment.

-Ideal music preference tailored to your needs.

Miller Soundclash DJ Slick Panther and MC Prevail.

Gotham Collectibles Disc Jockey

DJ Slick Panther

Alexander (Slick) Woywitka is a Canadian West Coast Underground Rap and Techno Music DJ. performer. DJ Slick started by playing house party’s every weekend with the other two S.L.N. techno DJs. They would hype the crowd by “playing 3’s” with vinyl records on Tech 12 turntables. He recently performed at Venue Nightclub on Granville in Vancouver, Opening the night at the West Canada 2017 Miller Genuine Draft Soundclash EDM DJ Competition showcasing the new 5 Top DJ’s.  He also performed a massive peak hour 3AM music set at the 20th Anniversary of the Carrington Bay  music festival in collaboration with Dr Howells of Vancouvers EDM band Teddy Romance. He preffers to perform at private party’s, raves, after party’s, art party’s and gallery events. He has DJ’d extensively in Greater Vancouver area, Vancouver Island, Cortes Island and sourounding Islands. DJ Slick uses versatile techniques to bring the party up a level spanning genre’s in a set. His techno is a mix of of high tech breaks, trance, house, and progressive preffering peak hour sets. Originally known for scraching and sampling rap music, Slick is called the master of the equalizer because of his amazing techno sets that will take your breath away.
Dj Slick brought back the Vancouver Island Dj Competition claiming himself the 2016 champion and created the Vancouver Island Master Champion DJ Competition Winner holofoil record trophy. He put out an open challenge to any DJ who could beat him in a DJ battle by winning the crowds favor. Dj Slick went unchallanged for the 2016 trophy and has made a new 2017 trophy. Any Vancouver Island DJ may challenge but so far no one has.
From 2009-2015 Dj Slick was the resident DJ for Gotham Collectibles Vancouver performing live at store events with DJ Ferocious. At this time he became friends with DJ B Traits having a common interest of collecting vinyl, as well as friends with DJ Rambo from the New Westminster club scene.
New Years 2006, DJ Slick and DJ Waffelz threw a massive party at the grand opening of the GRID Recording studio on Vancouver Island. This started a new scene that erupted into coutless shows and also turned into the Vancouver Island Rap Battle 6 Show Competition. MC Beyond Human won the final round.
In 2005 DJ Slick competed in the original Vancouver Island Dj Competition, placing 4th overall and coming in as the regional best for the North Vancouver Island. He placed above both DJ Vekkid and Dr Gonzo respectfully.
Dj Slick organized and headlined legendary party’s like Bump N Grind, Mezmerize, Filtered, and Revolution playing sets back to back with DJ Jay Zoney. Also around this time Dj Slick played several nights at the popular Wax Wednesday DJ Club Night organized by DJ Fred and Lucid Records and Clothing.
Dj Slick is the original DJ for the B.A.K. (Breaking And Kicking) ninja dance crew, and performed music sets at the epic breakdance party battles between B.A.K. and Vast Crew alongside DJ Soulz.
‘Back in the day I was the only DJ in the area who played rap music records. I would pick them up from F.W.U.H. and another spot in gastown. Everyone was playing techno, so I started to play that too, just so I could mix when we played 3’s. So at the party’s I ended up playing rap until midnight and then I would build my set up into techno before handing it off to Dr Howells. After a little while we would play 3 tracks each and then switch between the 3 of us. The crazy dynamic kept everything fresh. It just made people go nuts. Several years later I met Dj Soulz and Dj Vekkid who actaully DJ’d rap too” -DJ Slick Panther