2017 Vancouver Island DJ Master Champion





2017 Vancouver Island DJ Master Champion Holofoil Record Award

The 2017 award was revealed at the Haunted House Halloween 2016 party on Quadra Island with approval from old school DJ’s Red Eye Jedi, and DJ Greyzone.

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DJ Slick Panther brought back the Vancouver Island DJ Competition claiming himself the 2016 champion and created the Vancouver Island Master Champion DJ Competition Winner holofoil record trophy.

DJ Slick Panther put out an open challenge to any DJ who could beat him in a DJ battle by winning the crowds favor. Broadcast across social media, DJ Slick went officially unchallenged for the 2016 trophy and has made a new 2017 trophy. Any Vancouver Island DJ may challenge now for the 2017 trophy award, but so far no one has.

“The Vancouver Island DJ Master Champion Award is about recognizing and embracing the Canadian Pop Culture of EDM music performances and party’s. The Vancouver Island Underground scene of Electronic Dance Music has been around for around 25 years and is about sharing friendship to your community. This is a scene that I have embraced as the way of Canadian life since returning to Canada. I first became a DJ in this scene in Canada in 1998” -DJ Slick Panther

Rules to Challenge

-Challenger must agree to defend the New Championship.

-Challenger DJ must be a practicing DJ Representing Vancouver Island.

-Challenger DJ must be nominated by a known reputable Vancouver Island DJ.

-Challenger DJ must provide a favorable party with even playing field to perform live DJ sets for the challenge to take place on professional equipment.

-Challenger DJ must provide a headline time slot for the current Vancouver Island DJ Champion consecutive with challengers DJ set time slot.

-The DJ Challenge needs to have a MC Master of Ceremonies.

-Challenge must be accepted by the Champion for the duel to take place.

-The DJ must perform their sets.

-Crowd must be asked to judge after both DJ performances.

-Judging will be done on the spot by the crowd by a vote of cheer.

-New champion gets the most cheers by the crowd.

-New champion gets the NEW trophy award.

-A new Trophy Award will be made each year.

-Only one Championship battle each year.





2016 Vancouver Island Master Champion Award Holofoil record

2016 master champion vancouver island DJ2016 master champion vancouver island dj

DJ SLICK PANTHER and the 2016 Vancouver Island Master Champion DJ Holofoil Record Award with DJ Fred of the Munson family, owner of Vancouver Islands Lucid Records and Clothing.master champion vancouver island dj lucid records and clothing nanaimo courenay comox valley

DJ Slick Panther at Zulu Records West 4th Ave Vancouver.

master champion vancouver island dj zulu records west 4th ave

DJ Slick Panther at Curious Comics on Vancouver Island with old school turntablist Mike Drummond.

curious comics gotham collectibles master champion vancouver island dj

DJ Slick Panther with Cortes Island Techno DJ Fraser.

master champion vancouver island dj cortes isalnd

DJ Slick Panther with Hollywood Dubstep DJ Wills.

master champion vancouver island broadway

DJ Slick Panther with Phone Lab Dan.

master champion vancouver island dj nanaimo

DJ Slick Panther at West Coast Retro Zone Games on Vancouver Island.west coast retro zone games parksville master champion vancouver island dj